I usually don’t blog in English, but out of respect for Dyson, I’ll try my best.

In my campaign I use a house rule to determine if a missile that was shot is broken or can be reused – just a roll of a d6, 1 – 3 means it is salvageable. As I read the #Dicember post from Dyson I thought about the first entry „Ammo“ and started GIMP, even though I usually don’t do challenges.

So, I made these pngs for a custom die I’ll maybe gift to my players, and you can as well, if you don’t sell them.

The die is rolled for every missile shot in a given battle. If there is some sort of pressure, like searching for arrows while there still is fighting going on, the die can be used to determine what is found in a round spent searching for arrows.

This side means an arrow can be reused. Pretty straightforward. Is shown on two faces of the die.


The double arrows. If these are rolled, two usable arrows are found in a given round – of course not more arrows can be found, than having been shot. Or there is some mysterious arrow coming out of nowhere. Maybe cursed. >:)

A broken arrow, but the arrowhead is still usable. Could be important in a situation with scarce supplies, like deep in a dungeon or the wildernis.


A broken arrow with a missing arrowhead. Pretty much useless.


Question mark – no arrow is found. Either a missing arrow can be found with subsequent rolls, or it is gone. Still sticking in a fleeing goblin, or it flew down a chasm, or something. Could be somewhere very dangerous to retrieve, in case of a magical arrow maybe even worth the hussle.

And finally I made a dice template to print out and build your own flimsy die, if you like.

Or just ignore all this pretty pictures and use this table instead:




One arrow can be reused


Two arrows can be reused


Broken arrow


Broken arrow without arrowhead


Arrow is missing

I wont promise I will continue with the challenge for more than a few days, but I’ll try… ^_^°

Bis denn dann

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