Dandick’s Scalpel

It is told, that when the unscrupolous vivisectionist, murderer and surgeon Dandick was getting old, he started to converse with his scalpel and cut strange runes into his own skin with this razor sharp instrument. He was finally found with the knife, blade enlarged to dagger-size through some unknown magical means, in his back and laid to rest in his familiy tomb together with it. When Dandick’s body was exhumed about sixty years later by the Order of St. Ranadavist to be burned at the stake, the scalpel was gone.

This cursed dagger has no bonus to hit and damage, but is considered magical +3, to determine if a supernatural creature can be hit with it. If an owner enters combat, it is impossible for them to end the engagement before all foes have been killed (even those who try to surrender or flee, as long as they are near enough to catch up with). Furthermore the damage die of the dagger starts to get bigger, if a hit is scored, in the following progression: d4 – d6 – d8 – d10 – d12 (max)

If the damage die shows more than 4 points of damage, the owner suffers the excess as damage as well.

For example, if an owner rolls for damage with a d8, and the result is 6, 2 points of damage are suffered by the owner, and the full 6 points (plus extra damage from strength) by the target.

If you are feeling like it, the dice progression can be expanded. Or just use the idea with a two-handed sword, for extra carnage… 🙂

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