Elite, Oolite, Dangerous und RPG

Ok, das Wichtigste zuerst: Wenn ihr das hier nicht zumindest in der Idee gut findet, seid ihr nicht mehr meine Freunde. 😉 Wenn ich jetzt nur eine Kreditkarte hätte… Scheißkickstarter…

Und ja, ich habe eine Zukunft als Raumflieger in Elite:Dangerous vor mir (die nahmen nämlich über ihre Website auch PayPal und nehmen sogar immernoch. Cool eigentlich). Freu, Freu, Freu. Elite war so eins der ersten immersiven Spiele ohne das man da viel drumherum brauchte. So als 12, 13jähriger Sci-Fi-Fan war es das Bringergame auf dem neuen Commodore 64 (Hehe). Die Geschichten kamen ganz von alleine. Hoffentlich klappt das auch bei Elite das MMO, allerdings ist der Trick an der Sache: Man kann es jederzeit auch ganz alleine spielen, zu Hause, ohne Netzverbindung. Wem also **ALIeN FoKKer7334** auf die Nerven geht (wobei solche Namen nach den Regeln unmöglich sein dürften), der kann jederzeit NPCs ins ewige Nichts blasen…

Lustig ist die Tatsache, das man seinen Commandernamen auswählen kann… Die ersten Backer haben dabei vorrang. Ich dachte bei mir Rorschachhamster klingt zu albern, also nehme ich Rorschach… wird ja keiner wegen ’nem psychologischen Test aus den 50ern seinen Commander benennen, außer mir… Da habe ich bloß etwas übersehen… was denn bloß? Morgen wollen sie anfangen die Namen zu sortieren, wer seinen behalten darf und wer nicht. Bin schon am Überlegen für einen Ersatz… besser ist das, denn so früh war ich nicht dabei. 🙂

Bis nächstes Jahr jedenfalls fliege ich Raumschiffe in Oolite, dem oberaffengeilen Eliteclon. Was aber daran umso geiler ist, ist die Möglichkeit selber was zu erschaffen (und das Spiel durch selber Erschafftes von anderen auf völlig neue Höhen zu bringen). Bis jetzt habe ich die Orion erschaffen. Schaut:


Liebe Bavaria, dies ist ein Fanprojekt ohne finanzielle Interessen. Bitte nicht sauer sein. 🙂

Bei der Farbgebung habe ich mich an einem Resinmodell orientiert. Es gibt aber auch die Schwarz/Weiß – Fassung. 😉 Leider geht durchsichtig mW nicht in Oolite… jedenfalls nicht nur halb durchsichtig.

Und natürlich die Amphisbaena:


Die Freighttrains, die ich auf dem Oolite BB („The friendliest board this side of Riedqat!“) gepostet hatte, wie schon erwähnt, sind in etwas Zug-ähnlicheres mutiert. Schaut selbst, eine exklusive Sneak-Peek:


Man sieht, das man nichts sieht… Ich hatte viel bessere Photos (He!), aber GIMP verließ mich bevor ich sie speichern konnte. Wsr vielleicht eins zuviel. Aber hier ist noch ein Photo (He!) von einem ihrer Begleitschiffe von MT SEC. MT steht für MASSTrans, die Firma die die Züge in diesem teil der Galaxis betreibt.  Bin schon am überlegen, wie sie entstanden ist. Das ist Oolite… 😉


Der Fehler mit den Düsen an den Flügelenden ist schon korrigiert. Und ihren Werbespruch muß man laut aussprechen um ihn voll genießen zu können…

Dann habe ich hier noch einen Tatsachenbericht hingeschrieben, der wahrscheinlich durch irgendeinen Bug ausgelöst wurde. Daran erkannt man wahre Größe: Selbst die Fehler erschaffen Immersion! 😀

So, there I was, jumped into Biarge in Gal 1 with a load of cheap rotgut, for the constore I knew to be there. Sold it for a nice profit, and took some strange trinkets and cheap jewelery, that some poor chums had pawned there, to pay for the cheap rotgut they sold them at an even higher price than I got from them… I love making easy money.
On my way towards Biarge Main, just at the witchpoint bouy, I saw a cobbie being harassed by an asp II. I don’t remember the bounty, but I sure as hell bagged it. Then I saw an escape pod and scooped it. I was mildly irritated to read that I rescued him. I wanted to cash in for his head, for sure. But when I started scooping debris and what was left of his cargo, I saw the cobra still hanging there. Grey blimb, abandoned. I hadn’t scooped the pirate, I had the bloke, who was almost shot down if I hadn’t interfered. Feels good to be a nice guy. His name was Etouonlo Bramstain and I made a little smalltalk over com. Very grateful, he was. Then I had a not so nice thought: If I would gut this husk I could at least scoop some wreckage… So, while talking to the former owner of the … forgot the name, not important … I slowly turned my main laser onto his ship… I wasn’t sure about the actual legality of this. Maybe even I have a conscience, but foremost I want my record clean, being a bounty hunter and all. Sucks to be shot down by colleagues. So, while I was pondering the pros and cons of this action, in came a Moray, headed back to the con store… I waited. Better safe than sorry. Just before the yellow blimb disappeared, a patrol of the 249th Reserve appeared. Damn. I waited a little more. They where on regular patrol duty. OF COURSE they paused just at the bouy, and taking their time to get on the lanes again… when they finally flew away, just before they left my scanner range, in came a second patrol, a swat condor, even. I figured that they had to do patrol duty for being even bigger suckers than normal… or maybe they forgot to bring some donuts for their captain. So I waited a little longer, again… When the coast was finally clear I cut almost 150Cr of materials out of Etouonlo’s ship, avoiding any ID-able parts. I grinned when I started the torus drive. This day started good. It should get really strange, really fast…

I was masslocked by a little trouble ahead, there were lasers blasting around one of this **Voice Recognition Failure** abbeys of the black monks. May they rot in hell. If they would at least just put bounties on the head of their… but I digress.
Where there’s gunfire, there’s almost always bounties to be had, but you never know with the monks. I decided to take a peek, at last. Would have been a good day, all in all, if I had ignored this. So I just… don’t know.

There was lasers, but it wasn’t really a fight. The station just hung there, and another reserve patrol -or maybe even the same, I didn’t bother to check their ID back at wp- blasted at it. They didn’t even scratch it, even with mil lasers they obviously hadn’t the firepower to overcome the shielding of a major station. I rejoiced because I figured the Black Monks would have to have a BIG bounty on their heads before something like this could happen, and my pylons were filled with racks of ec-hardened missiles… But no. No bounty on that damned station. Even stranger, two of the patrol just shot exactly at the docking bay, with only a few stray shots hitting the station itself. The defense turrets were aligned to blast that patrol out of the vaccum into oblivion, but didn’t fire. And strangest of all, in between the attacking craft flew a gunship, obviously ignoring the patrol. I looked dumb at my screens and didn’t get it. Total silence on the radio, but I picked up some scrambled noise, probably coded messages. A little distance away were some more GalCop blimbs, totally ignoring what happened there, but I id’ed them as minesweepers, so at least this mistery was solved. Then came a second gunship, and started to dock. In between the shots of the patrol, though they seemingly tried to avoid hit that one. Well… Just a few moments later, it reemerged and started firing on the patrol. Fugitive, about 65 Cr. I came to action. At least, this I understood. I shot it up and had even the courtesy to ECM the missile it left for the patrol cobbie out of space. Not even a thank you. Snobby bastards. All the time the other gunship still circled without action around that whole clusterf+++AUTOEDIT+++.

Then it happened again. This time I saw that the arriving gunship came back from the main, going directly to the docking bay. Few moments later, it flew out of dock with guns blazing. Another 65 Cr. Left an uneasy feeling, without knowing what’s going on… I decided „Screw this!“ and flew away. To give the cake some icing, I found some parentless cargo canisters. In the middle of the spacelane. Well, I know, that happens from time to time, as GalCops don’t care for the leftovers of their kills, but in that mindset I was in it seemed like an omen from the other side. Got almost a dozen kilos of shiny in the first and only dreck in the others. Slaves, mostly. Took’em with me to Biarge Station. Can’t let the poor buggers freeze to death out there. And 5 Cr a crate is at least 5 Cr a crate.

So, this was it. Rumors abound here. Some say, it was a pissed off high ranking reserve officer, who had a recent death in the family by gunship, but this wouldn’t explain what I saw with both eyes open, cyber and natural. Others say, there was some madness in the black monks, because some of them where conned into huge debts by a remarkably absent friar. I don’t know. And frankly, I will get pissed now until I don’t care anymore, either. Freakish monks.

At least the bottomline was …adequate.

Und dann habe ich noch DSA gespielt, 3 glaube ich. Hat jedenfalls Spaß gemacht.

Und gestern beim… Scrabble spielen wurde noch die Idee aufgeworfen, mal ein SuperheldenRPG auszuprobieren. Ich tendiere zu Mystery Men. Weil, umsonst. Und einfach. Allerdings, die Jungs und Englisch… Irgendwo habe ich noch andere Sachen. Mal schauen.

Also, wenn ich mich hier rar mache bin ich entweder auf der Jagd nach Piraten, oder dabei, Weltraumzüge als Opfer für besagte Piraten zu scripten… 😉