Second day, second set of funky graphics. This time inspired by an not-so-old D&D-boardgame expansion I bought at some sale. It had a slide on ice generator of some sort, the details are rather fuzzy, sorry. But that thing had just boring directions, so I made a die-drop table.

Just throw the saving throw or whatever die you roll to avoid slipping and falling directly on the sheet and you have an effect at the ready, if it fails. Or, if you for whatever reason don’t like drop tables or are playing on a train, just cut it into pieces and draw one from a bag. But that wouldn’t be dicember sanctioned, so use at your own risk. 🙂

No further effects apart from lying in front of the bloodthirsty yetis…



Slide in the direction the small arrow points. Depending on how smooth the surface is, distance slid is one foot or one yard (30cm or 1m) per point under the needed saving throw. If someone is standing in the way they have to make a saving throw as well. A foe that succeeds can attack for free one time.

Item in hand is thrown in the direction the small arrow points. Distance is one foot or one yard per point under the needed saving throw as well.


Injury (1d6 damage). Maybe less or more, depending on system and ground conditions.



Broken into the ice (treat as injury above, if the surface doesn’t allow for that). Saving throw the next round to avoid slipping under the ice. Two successfull saving throws in a row to exit the hole without help.


Here is the die-drop table as a PDF: IceLetter

And the PNG:

Have fun!

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