Changing Sword of Rinkiotryk

When Biina the Luckless, medicine woman of the tribal cites of the west, renounced all endevours in the magical arts, she was in no small part motivated in this failed attempt to create a weapon worthy of the champion of the 3rd horde, Rinkiotryk, her sometimes paramour. Instead of filling this weapon with the powers of strength and might, she managed to somehow combine the forces of chaos and order in this strange shortsword. Quite an impressive deed, if only she had tried to create something similar and if Rinkiotryk wasn’t ridiculed for his confusion and changing blade by his adversary Vigunut in the annual gladiatorial games.

In it’s normal state this weapon is a shortsword +2, +4 against dwarves. As soon as a hit is scored, the blade changes it’s size and type according to the following table, depending on the number on the thrown die (or dice). Of course, the weapon is most effective when a skilled fighter wields it, who can use all the possible weapons, but someone wearing a shield or is to small to wield a two-handed sword could be in trouble. Apart from the humilation of wielding a knife right after an impressive hit with a menacing greatsword… The magical bonus is not changed by the transformation, so it is still a useful weapon, when there are no similar powerful alternatives. If the weapon is dropped or lain down it always reverts to it’s shortsword blade.

die or dice



Two-Handed Sword (1d10)


Bastardsword (2d4)


Broadsword (2d4)


Longsword (1d8)


Scimitar (1d8)


Rapier (1d6)


Shortsword (1d6)


Dagger (1d4)


Stiletto (1d4)


Knife (1d3)

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